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  • Mustela Baby Oil 100ml


    Baby Oil

    Our Baby massage oil with avocado is composed of 99% of natural ingredients.

    It offers a relaxing moment of well-being alongside hydrating and soothing benefits.
    Its texture penetrates easily and leaves a protective film on the skin. Gentle enough for newborns*.
    *Babies out of NICU

    Time for a shared moment of bliss with baby! Indulge in a little massage with Mustela’s avocado massage oil. Hydrating and and soothing, this gentle baby oil can be used as soon as birth*.

    *Babies out of NICU


    Suggested use:

    This handy spray delivers the right amount of oil without squirting it all over your bathroom!

    Step 1 – Spray some oil into your hand.

    Step 2 – Gently massage your baby.

    Step 3 – End the massage with a little nose kiss!

  • Pure Beginnings Baby Massage and Bath Oil 100ml


    Soothing Baby Massage and Bath Oil

    A certified organic baby massage and bath oil that contains a blend of moisturising and calming oils such as Kalahari melon, almond and jojoba, to nurture and protect delicate baby skin. Can be used to massage baby or dispensed into the bath to nourish and hydrate baby’s skin.

    Adored by moms and babies alike, the Pure Beginnings Soothing Baby Massage & Bath Oil is the ideal oil to use during a bonding baby massage. Alternatively, simply add it to baby’s bath to provide additional nourishment to the skin.

    • Kalahari melon seed oil – rich in omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids
    • Almond oil – softening and soothing to the skin
    • Jojoba oil – natural skin conditioner
    • Avocado oil – rich in healthy fatty acids and proven to soothe skin
    • pH balanced to that of the skin to provide an optimal environment for the skin microbiome
    • Petroleum free – will not clog pores and allows skin to breathe
    • Ecocert certified organic cosmetic

    Suggested use:

    Massage: Apply a small amount to your hand. Massage into baby, applying gentle pressure in circular motions.

    Bath: Dispense 2-3 pumps of oil into running water.

    Dispense a few drops into the Pure Beginnings Probiotic Baby Body Cream to add extra nourishment to the product and give it that familiar Pure Beginnings scent. Moms can use it on their bellies pre- and post -pregnancy to help with stretch marks.

    Additional information:

    Advantages Of Regular Baby Massages

    • Affirms your bond with your baby
    • Encourages digestion and eases baby’s colic, constipation and gas/wind
    • Improves blood circulation and skin conditions
    • Encourages sensory stimulation and routine building
    • Helps build parent’s and baby’s self-esteem
    • Improves baby’s health and general well-being
    • Helps baby sleep for longer and stimulates neurological development
    • Helps you become more confident in handling your child, and better at recognising their needs
    • Relieves stress for both mother and baby, and enables the mother to engage in a positive way with her baby
    • It can be a great way for partners, grandparents, and siblings to bond with the newest addition to the family
    • Although massage is beneficial for all babies, it is particularly useful for those with special needs like Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy, as it provides a unique way of communicating and soothing them.



  • Soil Organic Blended Oil Baby Massage Oil 100ml


    Baby Massage

    Research has shown that baby massage promotes growth and development in premature babies and has many benefits for babies and parents in general. Enjoy a bonding experience with your baby using this relaxing and soothing massage oil. A Gentle Blend Of Chamomile, Lavender And Olive Oil


    No Animal Testing
    No Parabens
    No Petro-Chemicals
    No Synthetic Colors
    No Synthetic Fragrances


    Further information:

    SOiL’s organic massage blends contain high quality, cold pressed carrier oils and essential oils, which have been specially selected for their therapeutic properties to make easy-to-use massage oils, formulated with a specific purpose in mind.