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  • MW Clean Endurance Blood Orange Flavour 800g


    Clean Endurance – Blood Orange Flavour


    My Wellness Clean Endurance drink is unbeatable in terms of delivering on quality energy. Advanced ingredients are used to ensure that you not only get the right energy from carbohydrates and other sources, but also assist in improving blood flow around the muscles

    • Sustained energy with supercarb isomaltulose
    • Stable energy release up to 6 hours
    • Low glycemic index complex carbohydrate
    • Superior carbohydrate blend with lsomaltulose could enhance endurance.
    • Nitric oxide potentiators pine bark extract, citrulline malate and red beetroot assist in improving oxygenated blood around muscles and the lungs.
    • Peako2 may help improve oxygen utilization and work capacity while decreasing lactate, which can help athletes train longer and harder.
    • Electrolytes like potassium phosphate, magnesium citrate and sodium assist in rehydrating the body and combating cramp.


    Further information:


    lsomaltulose, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Orange Juice Powder, Fructose, Beetroot Powder, PeakO2®, Citrulline Malate, Malic Acid, Himalayan Salt, Citric Acid, Potassium Phosphate, Magnesium Citrate, Pine Bark Extract, Stevia.


    Supplement facts:

    Energy                              547kJ                                 1369kJ
    Protein                               0g                                         0g
    Carbohydrates                  33g                                       82g
    Of which total sugars        26g                                      66g
    Dietary Fibre                      0g                                         0g
    Total Fat                             0g                                         0g
    Of which Saturates             0g                                        0g
    Total Sodium                    280mg                              700mg