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  • Sally Ann Creed Colla Joint Plus – Furbabies 500g


    Colla-Joint Plus

    Collagen For Man’s Best Friend

    Skin, bones, tendons, blood vessels and the digestive system all benefit as its the “glue” holding the body together providing the skin with elasticity and strength.

    The top 5 benefits for this COLLA-JOINT PLUS recipe includes:

    • General Bone & Joint Health: including cartilage, connective tissue and blood vessels, but it is a preventative strategy too – as it improves mobility which may be hindered by pain.
    • Joint Pain & Osteoarthritis: dramatically improves by taking collagen. A scientific paper published in 2017 documents how clinical trials over the past decade show the beneficial effect of hydrolysed collagen peptides for osteoarthritis.
    • Promotes Skin, Nail & Hair Health: the skin is mainly comprised of collagen so it stands to reason this would be beneficial
    • Improves Digestive Health: leaky gut from medications, stress etc takes it’s toll – here’s a great way to encourage healing
    •  Probiotics for Gut Health: probiotics are essential for the health of the gut in all living creature

    Suggested use: Take a scoop a day in warm to hot water or sprinkle over any food or with yoghurt


    Further information:

    Apart from collagen, we have added:

    • MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) which has been shown to help joint aches and act as an anti-inflammatory
    • specialised strains of Probiotics and a Prebiotic (making it a synbiotic) which enhance gut health
    • Gelatine which has the same profile as collagen for added benefit.
    • The Collagen, Gelatine, MSM, Probiotics and Prebiotics are all human-grade ingredients.
      Please note the taste will not taste as nice as plain collagen due to the addition of MSM, but this is a powerful supplement worth taking.