Hydrating & Replenishing Eye Cream

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  • Huxley Eye Cream 30ml


    Eye Cream

    • Hydrating & Replenishing Eye Cream
    • All Skin Types


    Huxley Concentrate On Eye Cream reinforces the skin barrier around the thin-skinned eye contour area and prevents it from drying out, replenishing moisture and nourishing it. Suitable for all skin types looking for hydrated, dewy-looking skin.


    Suggested use:

    • As the last step of your skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount of eye cream to the skin around the eyes. Gently pat into the skin until fully absorbed.
    • It can be used for the whole face as well as dry skin.
    • Use as a facial mask, applying a thick layer onto the areas that require intensive care.
    • Since it adheres to the skin well and is quickly absorbed into the skin, it doesn’t rub off. It is good for both morning and evening, even before makeup.


    NOTE: The use of natural pigments may result in batch-to-batch colour variation due to natural variations such as growing conditions and harvest time. Discoloration may occur depending on the storage conditions. Changes in color and aroma can be accelerated in harsh conditions such as high temperature of above 40 °C, direct sunlight (in front of a window), product display under fluorescent light. Slight change in colour and aroma may also occur during prolonged storage. However, this doesn’t affect the quality of product. Individual packaging box and cardboard box shield products against external environments such as light and heat.



    Further information:

    Key ingredients include a Cactus-derived ceramide contains a variety of natural fatty acids, like Phytosphingosine that help prevent transepidermal water loss, protecting the skin barrier from external factors. Prickly Pear Seed Oil creates a moisture barrier, strengthening and helping to restore skin barrier function. A skin-friendly ingredient, the ceramide complex does not make use of any solvents or catalysts and is produced by a natural process. In addition to the ceramide components, this ceramide complex contains natural fatty acids derived from cactus seed oil, which provide for long-lasting moisturisation. Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested. Paraben-free. It contains a fragrance.