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  • Remedy Greens Supersterol Immune Powder 360g


    Supersterol Immune Powder

    Remedy Greens Supersterol Immune offers powerful daily support to the immune system and may help support chronic inflammation, balance adrenal hormones and regulate immune function, while helping neutralise damaging free radicals and slowing the signs of ageing. Vitamin C offers potent antioxidant support and has been buffered for a more digestible and gentler uptake. LactoSpore probiotics may balance bad bacteria and promote better immune function, while Fibregum simultaneously may help maintain gut health.


    • Blend of plant sterols and sterolins
    • Derived from a natural pine source
    • May offer daily immune balance and support
    • High in antioxidants and phytonutrients
    • May provide powerful anti-inflammatory properties
    • May boost energy levels and help maintain gut health
    • High in fibre for regulated digestion


    Further information:

    Ingredients: SuperSterol®, containing immune-balancing plant sterols and sterolins in the clinically proven ratio of 100:1 Organic Super Greens Extract with LactoSpore® Probiotics Buffered Vitamin C Fibregum™ Dietary Fibre