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  • Soaring Free Master Adaptogens 90 Capsules


    Master Adaptogens Capsules

    Master Adaptogens Capsules is a potent blend of triple maca, Ashwagandha and adaptogenic herbs that are specially formulated to realign internal imbalance in the mind and body. This powerful blend helps to reduce stress, revitalises the body and helps maintain balance and energy. Guide your mind and body back to a state of balance and relaxation with a vegan-friendly adaptogen complex.

    Soaring Free Master Adaptogens Capsules are organic, vegan-friendly and free from GMOs, gluten, pesticides, bulking and flow agents.

    • Master mushroom supplement
    • Made with reishi, triple maca blend & ashwagandha
    • Contains yellow, black & red maca
    • Helps to realign imbalances caused by stress
    • Protects nervous system & cellular integrity
    • Aids immune system & hormone regulation
    • May help to revitalise body’s resilience
    • Enhances energy, vitality & alertness
    • Can help to improve sleep quality
    • Certified EU and CERES Organic
    • Free from GMOs, gluten, dairy & bulking agents
    • Free from pesticides, artificial flavouring & colours
    • Suitable for vegans & strict vegetarians