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  • Magnesium Bicarb 500ml


    Magnesium BiCarb

    The consumption of Hydrozone Magnesium  BiCarb has been shown clinically to significantly improve sodium and potassium balance in the body. There is a significant improvement in body alkalinity. These results lay the foundations for peak fitness, increased cell function and improved health.

    Among many positive results, the clinical trial* with Hydrozone Magnesium BiCarb demonstrated that optimal hydration with Hydrozone Magnesium  BiCarb over three months may significantly increase blood magnesium levels, may significantly stabilise blood parathyroid hormone levels and may significantly increase blood albumin protein levels.


    Suggested use: Always dilute with water 1-10

    10ml concentrate into a glass of water taken five times a day for the first three weeks. Thereafter take three doses per day for two weeks. After five weeks you can then take one dose per day. Maintain the daily maintenance dose to keep your body at the ultiate ph balance.