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  • Nutrilife Foliron Plus 60 Tablets


    Foliron Plus

    Iron amino acid is more absorbable than iron salts and less likely to cause constipation. Vitamin C and B12 aid with the absorption of iron.

    Both iron and Folic acid are nutritionally beneficial for:

    • Many women of childbearing age
    • Women with very heavy menstrual periods and flow
    • Women using oral contraceptives
    • Pregnant or breast feeding women
    • Older people (over 55)
    • Anyone with an inadequate diet


    Suggested use: Adults – take one to two tablets per day with water or as recommended by your healthcare professional


    Further information:

    Ingredients and Supplement facts:

    Iron AAC 20%  – 60mg

    (Elemental Iron 12mg)

    Ascorbic acid    – 25mg

    Folic Acid          – 250mcg

    Vitamin B12     – 25mcg