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  • Vitaforce Tranquilyt – 120 Capsules


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    Vitaforce Tranquilyt is a herbal and homeopathic remedy which contains potentised biochemic salts that are designed to correct imbalances within the body and enable symptomatic treatment of nervous tension, sleeplessness and nervous distress.

    Vitaforce Tranquilyt also contains:

    • Herbal extracts:
      • Passiflora, Humulus lupulus and Valeriana have a sedative effect
      • Chamomile extract has a calming and soothing effect
    • Homeopathic salts:
      • Calcium phos has a calming effect
      • Ferrum phos promotes energy
      • Kali phos may ease restlessness and anxiety
      • Magnesia phos may work as a relaxant and antispasmodic
      • Natrum phos is an acid neutraliser