microbial rennet

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  • Finest Kind Microbial Rennet 100ml


    Microbial Rennet

    Purified thermolabile liquid microbial coagulant produced by submerged fermentation on a vegetable substrate with a selected strain of the fungus Rhizomucor miehei that is kept under contained conditions.

    It is suitable for cheese making of any type of cheese -hard cheeses, semi-hard cheeses, soft cheeses and mould cheeses.

    The 100ml microbial rennet is supplied in a dropper bottle, making it very convenient to measure the exact amount of enzyme required i.e. 40 drops per 10 liters milk and 18 drops per 4.5 liters milk etc.  100ml of Liquid Microbial Rennet at 4 drops/L is enough to make 40kg of cheese and 1000 ml of Liquid Microbial Rennet at 25ml/100L is enough to make 400kg of cheese.

    Store the liquid in the fridge at 4°C.