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Ice Roller

The ice roller is a great tool to improve your skin.

The ice roller is suitable for most skin types, improve skin problems, body massage care. It has multiple beauty and cleansing functions.

Dry skin
Dark Circles
Contours and lifts the skin
Improves skin smoothness
Tightens and shrinks pores
Eliminates under eye puffiness
Improve acne-prone skin
Brighten your natural complexion
Remove puffiness and fine lines
Restore smooth and tender skin
Suited for all skin types

The ice face roller can well improve your skin conditions. Customize your own roller with a recipe according to your skin’s needs e.g Use lemon water for brightening, green tea for inflammation, cucumber water for puffiness, rosewater for whitening etc.

Suggested use: Daily, on face or body.

Fill in water from the small hole at the top
Put it in the freezer, wait 3-4 hours. Make sure it is frozen
Gently remove the lid and rinse for 30 seconds

Further information:

Reusable Food-Grade Silicone: the high-quality silicone ice face roller for multiple use.

Practical & Portable: the ice mold is very comfortable to hold, small and light design, easy to use, and easy to grasp.

Perfect Gift: our ice facial cube can be given to your family and friends as a holiday gift.

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