Tweenology DIY Choklit Face Mask Kit


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Introducing the DIY Choklit Face Mask Kit! The ultimate skincare indulgence that your tween is sure to love.

With this 3-way kit, you’ll have all the ingredients and tools necessary to pamper yourself or your tween with a spa-grade face mask at home. Each kit includes an organic choklit face mask powder, complete with raw cacao and organic baobab powder – real food for the skin! And, for extra radiance, we threw in a special face glow oil blend of jojoba and baobab oils loaded with invigorating cinnamon, patchouli, tea tree, rosemary and neroli oils. Plus it comes with a nifty silicone face brush for easy application.



Choklit Face Mask: Organic Raw cacao and Organic Baobab powder

Face Glow: Jojoba oil, Baobab oil, cinnamon, patchouli, tea tree, rosemary, neroli

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