Tweenology Giant Heart Bath Bomb


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Introducing the Giant Pink Heart Bathbomb! Get ready to soak in color and love with this amazing bath bomb. Made with natural ingredients like rose essential oil, it softens, hydrates and scent your skin while you relax in an ultra-bright pink bath.

Parents – let your kids indulge in a healthy escape with our fabulous Giant Pink Heart Bathbomb!

A safe alternative to dyes and chemicals found in other brands, this all-natural bomb will shed bright pink hues into their baths while infusing natural nourishment for their skin. Plus, it’s filled with a fun surprise that everyone can enjoy!

And don’t be fooled by its size: the Giant Pink Heart Bathbomb will go the extra mile to bring maximum relaxation during long days! A true double-duty product, it is designed to work twice; divide it up if you are looking for a low-mess bath experience. After all – messes come and go but great experiences last forever.  Try out the ultimate kid-friendly (and spa-worthy!) blissful bathing product today!


Further information:

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Alcohol denat, Kaolin clay, Helianthus annus (sunflower oil), Tapioca starch, Rose essential oil, Red 52


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