Tweenology Silicone Affirmation Bracelets English (Set of 3)


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It can be tough to stay positive and optimistic all the time, but with these Tweenology Affirmation Bracelets, you’ll have a daily reminder of no matter who says what… you should always know that you are SMART, LOVED, to always be KIND, to be BRAVE and that you are UNIQUE!

These words promote kindness and inclusion of all friends, bravery in the face of fear, and love no matter what. Wear them together or separate, to school or to a party! The bracelets come in English or Afrikaans and come in a set of 3x silicone bracelets in white, pink & mint colors.

It comes with a bookmark explaining the importance of these words, as well as a space for their thumbprint to remind them that they are UNIQUE and perfectly made!

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