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100% Micronised Creatine

The extensive studies on creatine monohydrate have consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in promoting muscle size, strength, and recovery when used in conjunction with a well-balanced diet and regular weight training.

13 Nutrition 100% Micronised Creatine is 40 times finer then your normal Creatine Monohydrate. This means it dissolves instantly into liquid & has no flavour.

While the human body naturally produces creatine and can obtain some from dietary sources, there are several reasons why individuals may choose to supplement with extra creatine:

  1. Enhanced Exercise Performance: Creatine supplementation can provide additional energy for high-intensity, short-duration activities. This extra energy allows for improved exercise performance in sports like weightlifting, sprinting, and powerlifting, which rely on immediate energy sources.
  2. Increased Muscle Mass: Creatine may promote muscle growth by enhancing muscle cell volumization and supporting protein synthesis. This can be beneficial for individuals, especially athletes, looking to increase their muscle mass and strength.
  3. Faster Recovery: Creatine can reduce post-exercise fatigue and improve recovery between sets and workouts. This can lead to increased training volume and more efficient progress over time.
  4. Improved Muscle Function: By maintaining muscle power and strength, creatine can help delay the onset of fatigue, potentially leading to better performance during physical activities.
  5. Cognitive Benefits: Some studies suggest that creatine supplementation may have cognitive benefits, such as improved memory and mental clarity, which can be of interest to individuals seeking mental and physical performance improvements.
  6. Support for Vegetarians and Vegans: Creatine is naturally found in animal products, so vegetarians and vegans may have lower natural creatine levels. Supplementing with creatine can help compensate for this deficiency.

It’s unflavoured, so add it your 13 Hydrating Electrolytes during a workout, or pop it in your protein shake after a workout.


Suggested use: Take 1 serving (5g) everyday!


Further information:

300g of Pure Micronised Creatine Monohydrate

– 5g scoop inside

– 60 servings

– That’s it.. Pure, Clean & Simple.

Should women take Creatine?

Creatine is a widely researched supplement primarily known for its ability to enhance athletic performance, muscle strength, and muscle mass gains. While it’s commonly associated with male athletes or bodybuilders, creatine can also benefit women who are involved in resistance training or high-intensity activities. Here are some reasons why women might consider using creatine:

  1. Increased Strength and Exercise Performance: Creatine helps in the production of ATP, which is the primary energy currency in the body. By increasing the availability of ATP, creatine supplementation can lead to improved strength, power, and exercise performance. This can be beneficial for women participating in activities requiring bursts of energy, such as weightlifting, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), or sprinting.
  2. Muscle Growth: While women might have different goals than men when it comes to muscle growth, creatine can still aid in muscle growth and recovery. It helps in increasing lean muscle mass, which can be valuable for anyone looking to enhance their muscle tone and metabolism.
  3. Improved Recovery: Creatine supplementation can potentially help in reducing muscle damage and inflammation, leading to faster recovery after intense workouts. This is particularly useful for women engaged in regular exercise routines.
  4. Cognitive Benefits: Some research suggests that creatine might have cognitive benefits, such as improved memory and reasoning skills. This can be advantageous for women who are looking to enhance their cognitive function along with their physical performance.

It’s essential to note that while creatine can be advantageous for many, individual responses can vary. Always consult a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian before starting any supplementation, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or concerns.

Additionally, ensuring proper hydration while taking creatine is crucial as it can cause water retention in muscles.

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