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  • TerraNova Digestive Enzyme 50 VegCaps


    Digestive Enzyme

    The plant enzymes used in Terranova Digestive Enzyme Complex are stable and work in a wide pH range throughout the digestive tract. The enzyme combination is designed to break down not only proteins, starches and fats, but also difficult-to-digest oligosaccharides (e.g. raffinose) and disaccharides such as lactose and sucrose.

    The vegetable/herb combination of Magnifood Complex strengthens the digestion-enhancing effect of enzymes.

    Suggested use: 2 capsules with the main meal of the day, 1 capsule with smaller meals.


    Further information:

    Supplement facts and ingredients:


    Fennel seed 200 mg

    Barley grain powder 200 mg

    Stabilized rice bran 200 mg

    Ginger root (organic, fresh freeze-dried) 100 mg

    Top artichoke leaf (fresh freeze-dried) 100 mg

    Cardamom seed powder 50 mg

    Yellow bitter gourd root powder 50 mg

    Protease (A. oryzae) 14690 HUT 55.2 mg

    Amylase (A. oryzae) 2545 DU 33.8 mg

    Lactase (A. oryzae) 727 ALU 14.6 mg

    Glucoamylase (A. niger) 6.5 AGU 14.6 mg

    Alpha-galactosidase (A.niger) 109 GaIU 14.6 mg

    Protease (A. niger) 36 SAPU 13.6 mg

    Invertase (S. cerevisiae) 291 SU 6.6 mg

    Lipase(C. rugosa) 349 FIP 3.8 mg

    Glucoamylase (R. oryzae) 0.72 AGU 2.2 mg

    Lipase (A. niger) 7.27 FIP 0.3 mg

    Lipase (R. oryzae) 7.27 FIP 0.3 mg

  • TerraNova Vollagen Complex 50 VegCaps


    Vollagen Complex vegan collagen supplement features Vollagen®, a bio-identical complex of amino acids, vegan collagen peptides, provided in the same proportion as those found in human collagen. Due to high bioavailability and intestinal permeability, far smaller doses are needed to achieve optimal results.

    • Skin, hair, nails and joint support
    • Ageing skin support
    • Minor skin conditions
    • Musculoskeletal structural support (incl. tendons, ligaments & cartilage)
    • Inflammatory joint conditions

    Suggested use: As a food supplement for adults, take 1-2 capsules twice daily with food. Do not exceed stated dose unless directed by a healthcare practitioner


    Further information:

    2 Capsules Typically provides:

    Vollagen® Amino Acid Complex* 1000mg

    Rose Hips (Rosa canina) – ORGANIC 250mg
    Matcha Green Tea Ceremonial Grade AAA (Camellia sinensis) – ORGANIC 100mg
    Aronia Berry (Aronia melanocarpa) – fresh freeze dried – ORGANIC 50mg
    Bilberry Fruit (Vaccinium myrtillus) – fresh freeze dried 50mg