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100% Whey Protein Chocolate

Think Vanilla Milk Or a Chocolate Sterri Stumpi… easy to drink, incredible taste

At 13 we go to the ends of the earth to find the best suppliers, to make sure we bring the best ingredients to our community. When it comes to our Whey protein you can be sure you are getting the gold standard. We have imported the best quality Whey from the Netherlands, making sure it’s micro & ultra filtered , with the highest protein content in the industry.

We have blended ultrafiltered 90% isolate & 80% whey concentrate to make sure you get all the protein bioavailability, absorbed & ready for your body to utilise as fast as possible.

  • Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis
  • Building lean muscle means you need a lean protein with a great amount of EAA’s & BCAA’s to stimulate muscle growth.
  • 13 100% Whey has 6.9g of BCAA’s per serving, which means you’ll get the full muscle protein synthesis stimulation required to build lean muscle.
  • 1Kg of Premium 100% Whey Protien
  • 25g of protein per serving (40g)
  • Low Sugar
  • Low Carb
  • Added Digestive Enzymes


Suggested use: Add 2 Scoops (33g) to 350 – 500ml of water or milk alternatives for a standard protein shake. Or add 2 scoops to your morning cereal, your smoothie, or whatever else you’d like to try it in.


Further information:

Overall Protein Content –  25g Protein Per 40g Serving

Whey Protein Isolate 90% – 16,4g Providing 14,6g

Whey Protein Concentrate 80% – 14,3g Providing 11,2g


Isolate vs Contrate:

  • Isolate is highly filtered to make sure you get 90% protein  content per scoop. This means it’s a lean protein, less carbs, fat & basically free of lactose.
  • Concentrate is less filtered & more full bodied, meaning it has some healthy fats & carbohydrates to help with muscle building.



How much protein do you need?

Muscle maintenance- The rule of thumb is 1 g of protein per kg of preferred body weight for muscle maintenance ( meaning, you weigh 75kg’s , but your ideal is 70kg’s, so you’ll try & get 70g of protein per day. )

Muscle building – You need to start increasing your daily intake to between 1.5g – 2g of protein per kg body weight.

Thus, a 80kg male that wants to build muscle, needs to get up to 160g of protein per day to build lean muscle.



When to take protein:

It’s simple.Think every 4 hours!

MPS ( Muscle Protein Synthesis ) get stimulated through Leucine in your protein! When you have 20 – 30g complete protein at a sitting,  you’’ll have enough to Leucine to take MPS over the edge. Once it’s spiked you there’s a refractory period of 4 hours where you cannot spike MPS.

So for optimal performances  & gains, you need to get at least 3g of Leucine from your protein, every 4 hours over your 16 hours day!

Perfect Protein Plan:

1 – Get enough protein per meal (20 – 30g)

2 – Every 4 hours to spike MPS

3 – Thats 3 meals plus an extra shake. Simple

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