13 Nutrition Hydrating Electrolytes Sour Berry – 330g


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Hydrating Electrolytes Sour Berry

If you’re an athlete, performer, hard-worker, gamer, drinker, coffee-smasher & a go-getter, this stat could include you! 13 Hydrating Electrolytes helps you to optimize your performance, fight fatigue & helps you to replenish what gets lost while you hit your goals!

You are going to love this! We made sure that you’ll love the flavours without it being overpowering and too sweet! Shaken or stirred! 13 Electrolyte powder will mix easy & taste like flavoured water & easy to drink… while you are smashing out a workout or getting in your daily hydration.

  • Helps You Stay In The Fat Burning Zone
  • Increases Cardiovascular Endurance

  • Prevents Muscle Cramping

  • Decreases Muscle Soreness

Suggested use: 10g scoop to get you mixing it up with 500ml cold water. Enjoy 13 Hydrating Electrolytes anytime of the day! Whether that’s during your morning routine, your evening workout, a school run, or post-workout for optimal recovery!


Further information:

330g of your favourite flavour Electrolyte Powder

That’s 33 (10g) servings / or 16.5L of hydrating electrolytes

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