Anara Hair Loss Serum 120ml


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Hair Loss Serum 120ml

How it works:

Hormones are the most common cause of hair loss for both women and men. In both sexes, the specific hormone responsible for hair loss is the same: dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT), a hormone that your body produces as a by-product of testosterone. DHT affects your hairline by miniaturizing hair follicles, causing the hair to stop growing as it normally would, and eventually fall out.  Cape Aloe (ferox) gelly is a known vasodilator (a mechanism to enhance blood flow to areas of the body that are lacking oxygen and/or nutrients) and thereby improves circulation. This helps the aloe to carry the other active ingredients in the Serum down to the hair roots, where it all begins. ANARA Hair Loss Serum helps to address the problem by helping to prevent hair loss, and by encouraging new hair growth.


How and when to apply:

Use twice daily, every day for 3 months. Regularity of use is key to the success of this product. Part your hair and spray a light covering of the Serum directly on to your scalp. Massage in gently with your fingertips to ensure entire affected area is covered. Do not shampoo your hair within one hour of application of the serum, preferably longer. If you wash your hair in the morning, apply the serum after drying/blow-drying. At night, apply at least 20 minutes before bedtime and allow to dry.


Note: Hair fall may decrease within 2-3 weeks, but new hair growth should not be expected before 3 months of regular, twice-daily use

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