Biosil Charcoal Powder 200ml


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Activated Charcoal powder

A secret to naturally white teeth and many other health benefits. This product can be taken internally or used topically in compresses or for whitening teeth.

Suggested use: For a healing crisis, food poisoning, stomach issues or diarrhoea, take 1 teaspoon every hour until the symptoms begin to fade and then 2 x per day as required. Stir into a glass of water

Pets:  This can also be given to cats and dogs

Activated charcoal is a bit particular about what it locks onto. It’s not interested in calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, inorganic phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and other compounds you probably want to keep, (including your tooth enamel). It does, however, happen to like tannins – the compounds found in coffee, tea (even herbal tea), blueberries, wine and spices like cinnamon that stain our teeth. As a bonus, activated charcoal also balances the mouth’s pH and is even considered beneficial enough to be used in some tooth re-mineralization formulas).

Important Note:

Activated charcoal does bind with iodine and may bind with other vitamins and minerals the body needs, so it is not usually recommended for internal use except when dealing with acute situations such as chemical or food poisoning. Activated charcoal does not work in situations where the material ingested is caustic, such as lye.

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