GD Oat & Honey Cookies Dark Chocolate Chunk 150g


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Oat & Honey Cookies Dark Chocolate Chunck

GD Oat & Honey Cookies Chocolate Chunk are a little Oaty and a little chocolaty, sweetened with honey  for a deliciously moreish taste. Enjoy with your morning cup of coffee or simply as a sweet treat at anytime of the day.

GD Oat Cookies are made with gluten-free oats and sweetened with sustainably sourced honey. Halaal Certified and suitable for Vegetarian diets, GD Oat Cookies are crafted from NON-GMO ingredients and enhanced with chicory root fibre.  Added gluten-free rice crips give them a delightful crunch, that will have you snacking throughout the day.

  • Made from gluten-free oats
  • Sweetened with honey
  • Added Prebiotic fibre


Further information:


Gluten Free Oats (39%), coconut oil, honey (12%). cocoa mass (12%), chicory root fibre (10%), rice flour, gluten free rice crisps (rice flour, sugar, sea salt), rosemary extract.

Allergens:  May contain traces of tree nuts (Almonds, Cashews) and Peanuts

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