Metalab Vegan Protein Blend Cocoa Chocolate 900g


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The ultimate plant-powered protein powder with a superstar lineup of FIVE premium protein sources!

This blend from METALAB is a total game-changer in South Africa, featuring fava bean protein, watermelon, and pumpkin seeds – something you won’t find anywhere else! Plus, it’s packing rice and pea protein for the ultimate amino acid squad – 8g of essential amino acids and 3.8g of BCAAs per serving, oh yeah! And hold up, it doesn’t just deliver on the nutrition front; it’s so ridiculously tasty, you’ll be like, “Wait, this is actually VEGAN?!” Trust us, it’s the protein powder that’s bringing the fun and flavor to plant-based fitness!




Featuring FIVE premium sources of plant based protein, weather you are VEGAN or not, this protein blend will give you all the benefits you need from a protein supplement! Let’s take a closer look at our protein blend:

METALAB Vegan prides itself on a meticulously crafted vegan protein powder blend that harnesses the nutritional power of various premium plant-based protein sources. Each component, from fava bean protein’s complete amino acid profile to the easily digestible and hypoallergenic nature of pea protein isolate, contributes to a comprehensive protein blend. This blend also includes the rich nutrient content of pumpkin seed protein, the amino acids and minerals found in watermelon seed protein, and the balanced amino acid profile and versatility of brown rice protein. By combining these exceptional sources, METALAB Vegan ensures a well-rounded, sustainable, and top-tier protein powder that supports muscle development, aids in recovery, and meets diverse dietary needs without compromising on quality or ethical standards.

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