Multi Mineral Solution Bath 20 Tablets


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Multi Mineral Solution Bath Tablets

Bathing in EASYMMS water enables cleansing of pathogens that are on the skin surface or just under it. Cleansing at these outer levels seems to avoid overloading the internal elimination systems. Pathogens killed near the skin surface more-often move outward through the skin and float away. 


Suggested use:

1. Wipe out the Tub / Bath.  Bath must be clean
Otherwise the ClO2 in the water will go to work on any soap scum and bathtub-ring, reducing or neutralizing the Cl02 available to the body

2. Fill the Bath with warm to hot water

3. Add one MMS Bath Tablet to the water in the bath
Wait until tablet dissolves completely.

4. Lay in the tub and soak the skin (min 15 to 20 minutes)
Splash water onto the entire body – arms, neck, hair, face – all over. If a history of cold sores, then wipe tub water on the lips and nose repeatedly and wherever they were once visible. If water splashes in the eyes, just wipe it away. EASYMMS doesn’t harm eyes – unlike shampoo. With a cup pour tub water onto the scalp
Diseases caused by bacteria or viruses will almost always be resolved through repeated exposure to EASYMMS BATH TABLETS.


Further information:


For External use only

DO NOT USE THE TABLET ORALLY. Tablet must be dissolved in bath water.

Never leave opened tablets to lie around. Moisture in the air will activate the tablets.

Always store tablets in a cool dry place.

Keep out of sight from young children

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