Not Guilty Sweets Lovely Tender 100g


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Lovely Tender

Our Lovely Tender sweets come in 5 delightful flavours: lemon, orange, strawberry, apple and blackcurrant. The original teddy bear, but organic and vegan. Which colour are you going to go for?


  • Supports The Chimpanzee Conservation Centre in Guinea
  • Organic
  • Vegan / no animal gelatine
  • No artificial colour or flavour



Further information:

Multiple varieties to discover and taste without hesitation! Tender but also mellow, our sweet candies could well take up residence in your closets, bags, offices and other secret corners!


Ingredients: Glucose syrup *, Cane sugar *, Gelling agent (pectin), Acid (citric acid), Acidity regulator (sodium tartrates, potassium tartrates), Natural flavours, Natural aromas of lemon, Natural lemon flavours, with natural flavours, Colouring elderberry juice concentrate *, Natural turmeric flavouring *, Colouring algae extract* (Spirulina platensis), Glazing agent (carnauba wax *)

* From supervised organic agriculture
* Like all organic products

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