Nutriherb Uzara 60 Capsules


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Nutritionally beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, overactive bowl movement, diarrhoea, dysentery, stomach cramps and colic Also helpful for headaches, indigestion, oedema and dysmenorrhoea (painful menstruation). The anti-diarrhoeal benefits are ascribed to several cardiac glycosides of which uzarin is the best known, The aglycone is known as uzazigenin.


Suggested use: Adults – One capsule two times daily with water or as recommended by your healthcare professional. As a dietary supplement.


Further information:


Always consult your healthcare professional before taking this or any other product particularly in the case of children, pregnancy, breast-feeding, suffering from a serious health condition on any medication or treatment or if symptoms persist for more than 4 weeks.


Supplement facts:

Active ingredients

Uzara root (Xysmalobium undulatum) 500mg

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