Oxygen Products Super Oxygen Active Edition Berry Flavour 15 Sachets


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Gain more from your exercise program. Our natural supplement Super Oxygen – Active Edition will give you improved endurance. The release of oxygen from our product will supplement the much needed oxygen in your blood stream. With more oxygen available at cellular level. This will help your body to buffer against lactic acid production. So you can workout for longer. The supplemental oxygen will also aid in the production of ATP. Which means you will have more energy. The magnesium in our formulation also helps in the delay of the onset of cramping.

Super Oxygen – Active Edition also will improve your performance. The increased energy and reduced lactic acid in your body. Will give you better performance. The nutrients in our natural supplement are quickly absorbed by your body. Going directly to feed your cells. These nutrients help provide the optimum needs for your cells. With your cells working at their best. Your performance will improve giving you the optimal active lifestyle. The supplemental oxygen provided by Super Oxygen – Active Edition also allows for more oxygen in the brain. Allowing you to be in a more aware mental state.

Improve your recuperation times with Super Oxygen – Active Edition. Our special formulation is designed to help your body recover. The supplemental Oxygen available in your body. Quickly goes to work to help reduce the stress exercise has put on your cells. The powerful natural ingredients in Super Oxygen – Active Edition combined Oxygen go to work in your body to help build stronger muscles, tendons and cells to help your body recover in a shorter time.

Magnesium Peroxide, Moringa Oleilfera, Sutherlandia, MSM and Vitamin C

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