Pure Beginnings Natural Chest Rub 3 + Months 50ml


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Natural Chest Rub 3 + Months

A 100% natural-origin chest rub, safe for babies as young as 3 months old. Free from petroleum and menthol, and incorporating the powerful healing properties of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and frankincense, our chest rub provides a gentle and effective way to help ease congestion.

This 100% natural chest rub with eucalyptus & lavender is the perfect addition to your winter medicine cabinet. Free from petroleum and menthol, it is safe to use on babies as young as 3 months old. Our chest rub combines the powerful healing properties of eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and frankincense, to gently ease congestion in your little one.

  • Eucalyptus – a very popular decongestant which contains powerful anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. Used for hundreds of years, it is widely accepted as a natural alternative to treat mild respiratory problems such as a cold, cough or bronchitis.
  • Lavender – has soothing and calming properties. It is also considered an effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil – anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making it an ideal ingredient to help protect against congestion caused by colds and flu.
  • Frankincense – has remarkable rejuvenating and healing qualities. With antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, it is the ideal cold-fighting essential oil.

Suggested use: Massage a small amount onto the chest, neck and back, especially before bedtime.

Additional information:

Why no menthol for babies?

The menthol praised in most chest rub formulations does not break up mucus in the airways as advertised. The smell of menthol tricks the brain into thinking we are breathing easier, but it does not actually assist in clearing congestion. Inflammation often worsens. Certain ingredients are recognized as irritants to the body, causing the body to produce more mucus to protect its airways. In babies and young children this is especially dangerous, considering their airways are much narrower than those of adults.


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