Rafaa Aloe Probiotic Drink 250ml


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Aloe Probiotic Drink

Adding aloe ferox to the Lemon Rafaa drink offers you even more digestive health benefits. Laxative properties of aloe aid to stimulate the colon and encourage regular bowel motions, IBS, heartburn, and stomach ulcers are all relieved by this moisturizing, relaxing plant component. The Rafaa drink, on the other hand, contains live probiotics that boost your immune system and maintain a healthy pH level in your body. A natural citrus flavoring makes the Aloe Rafaa drink more appealing for individuals who dislike the taste of aloe.

Suggested use:

Rafaa can be taken once or twice daily. Dilute your Rafaa with water, ice tea or fruit juice if you wish to camouflage the taste.


Do not use Rafaa in conjunction with other medication, without consulting your healthcare practitioner. If you are on medication, wait 30 minutes between taking your medication and drinking Rafaa.

When using Rafaa for the first time, it is possible to feel the effects of detoxing for the first few days. This could include mild headaches, nausea and muscle or joint aches as your body rids itself of unwanted toxins and chemicals.

The detoxing process can dehydrate you. Always drink plenty of water when using a detoxing treatment topically or internally.


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