Remedy Greens Supercelery Digestion Powder 600g


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Supercelery Digestion Powder

Remedy Greens Super Celery Digestion is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that may provide anti-inflammatory and alkalising effects that may support cardiovascular and cognitive health. This formulation is also packed with ginger, collagen peptides, dietary fibre and buffered vitamin C for additional support.

  • Contains Ginger to support gastrointestinal health
  • Contains collagen and amino acids to support gut health
  • Contains dietary fibre and digestive enzymes
  • Rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants
  • Contains buffered Vitamin C


Suggested use: Mix 2 scoops (20 g) into 250 ml water or drink of your choice


Further information:

Ingredients: Organic Celery Powder, Organic Ginger Powder, LactoSpore® Probiotics DigeZyme®, Fibregum™ Dietary Fibre,Peptan® Type I Collagen, L-Glutamine, Buffered Vitamin C

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