Truefood Maca Powder 200g


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Maca Powder

Truefood Organic Maca Powder is a nutritionally dense product made from the root of the Lepidium meyenii plant.

The popularity of the root has increased quite considerably over the years particularly as a natural energy boosting ingredient often added to smoothies. Unlike caffeine which causes an elevated heart beat Maca appears to have a calming effect on the heart while increasing energy levels.

The high levels of phyto-chemicals in Maca powder can increase fertility in men and women, by assisting with hormonal health, making it beneficial for the thyroid gland, immune and reproduction systems. It is used as an aid for those suffering from menopause, migraines, acne and impotence.

A great source of fatty and amino acids, maca powder can be used to improve memory and concentration as well as reduce anxiety, depression and stress. It is anti-aging and can assist with skin tone and hair growth.

Great for bones and teeth, with ample levels of calcium Maca powder may also improve osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. It assists the pancreas with maintaining blood sugar levels and improves blood circulation which can reduce the effects of anaemia and speed up the healing process of wounds.


Maca Root Powder.



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