100% Cyclic Dextrin

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  • 13 Nutrition 100% Cyclic Dextrin Clean Fuel – 500g


    13 CleanFuel stands as an elite-grade, pure complex carbohydrate endurance fuel meticulously crafted to empower elite athletes. It serves as a comprehensive solution, enhancing fueling, hydration, and overall performance during both training and competition.

    13 CleanFuel is sugar free, tasteless & subtle to add to your 13 Hydrating Electrolytes for peak endurance & hydration.


    Suggested use: Take 1 serving (20g) 60 minutes before prolonged endurance.

    It’s unflavoured, so add it your 13 Hydrating Electrolytes during a workout, or pop it in your protein shake after a workout.


    Further information:

    Ingredients: 500g of 100% Cyclic Dextrin


    – 20g scoop inside

    – 25 servings

    – That’s it.. Pure, Clean & Simple.