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  • Biosil Black Cumin Seeds 70g


    Black Cumin Seeds

    Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) is one of the most revered medicinal seeds in history.

    Please conduct your own research on this wonderful seed. There is a wealth of information available to this end. If it resonates with you, we have it right here for you.

    • Assists with cancer
    • Rheumatism
    • Inflammatory conditions
    • Asthma*
    • Coughs*
    • Enhances immunity*

    *Black cumin seeds mixed with honey and garlic are excellent tonics for people with asthma or coughs as well as those who want to enhance their immunity during cold and flu season or when an infection is setting in.


    Further information:

    Culinary uses

    Black cumin seeds are small. They can be used to make tea by simply pouring hot water over the seeds and letting the brew steep for 10 minutes, about a tablespoon makes a nice cup of tea, but it is better to keep the cup covered until ready to drink so as to prevent the aroma from escaping.
    The seeds can also be added to casseroles or breads, used in canning, or extracted in wine or vinegar. Some people grind the seeds and mix them with honey or sprinkle them on salads. They make a nice addition to salad dressings and even stir fry dishes, especially when combined with lemon, cilantro, and tahini.

  • Good Life Organic Black Cumin 50g


    Black Cumin

    Good Life Organic Black cumin spice is a perfect flavour to add to curries, dhal; sprinkle on salads and naan bread.


    100% black cumin seeds

  • Good Life Organic Black Cumin Seeds 130g


    Black Cumin Seeds

    Good Life Organic Black Cumin Seeds are non-irradiated & grown organically without the use of synthetic pesticides & fertilizers. Non-GMO. Black Cumin Seeds are wonderful spice to add to curries & dhal or to sprinkle on salads & naan bread. The little seeds also have many health benefits and are believed to help with almost any disease – from upset stomach and loss of hair to cancer and diabetes.


    Further information:

    Ingredients: Black Cumin seeds


  • Kitchen Garden Nigella Black Cumin Seeds 50g


    Nigella Black Cumin Seeds

    Kitchen Garden brings you a hearty way to grow your own “veggie garden” right on your kitchen windowsill. These organic  seeds are easy to sprout; in just a few days you can harvest a helping of fresh-sprouted greens, to enjoy in salads, stir-fries, soups, smoothies, or any meal that needs that extra nutritional punch.

    • Add 3-4Tbsp of your dry seeds to a clean sprouting jar; enough to lightly cover the bottom of an upright jar.
    • Cover the sprouting jar with the mesh screen & secure it with a rubber band.
    • Cover your dry seeds with 2-4cm water & soak for 6-8 hours or overnight.
    • Drain & rinse in fresh water, swirling gently while draining to disperse the seeds across the surface of the sprouting jar. Place the jar at an angle on your sprouting stand.
    • Keep your sprouting jar in natural light but never in direct sunlight. Rinse your seeds 2-3 times a day in cool water. The water should be rinsed clear.
    • Harvest within 2-3 days of the “tails” and/or greenery appearing from the seeds.
    • Drain the sprouts well & leave 2-4 hours to dry on your sprouting stand, before transferring to an airtight, covered storage container.
    • Enjoy your sprouts in 3-7 days; keep them refrigerated in an airtight container. Start sprouting new seeds every 2- 3 days for a continuous, fresh supply.

    Please Note: This product consists of the sprouting seeds only; sprouting jars & stand are not included. You will need a full standard sprouting kit to grow your seeds.