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  • Pure Beginnings Fresh Mint Toothpaste With Xylitol 100ml


    Fresh Mint Toothpaste With Xylitol

    This refreshing, minty toothpaste contains xylitol, which has been shown to help prevent the growth of the oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. It is fluoride-free making it non-toxic if swallowed, and therefore safe for the whole family to use.

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    Xylitol has low GI sugar alcohol with antibacterial properties. It is endorsed by many dental associations worldwide for its ability to inhibit the growth of the oral bacteria, Streptococcus mutans, which is a largely responsible for plaque. Xylitol occurs naturally in small amounts in fibrous fruits and vegetables, trees, corncobs, and even the human body. It is usually processed from birch trees or corn.