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  • Macro Mixes Pancake Spice 65g


    Pancake Spice

    A sugar free, banting friendly ‘cinnamon & sugar’ blend that is sweet, spiced and contains hints of vanilla!

    What do you associate with pancakes, crepes, flapjacks, crumpets and all the wonderful ways we have found to eat them? Cinnamon of course! And vanilla.

    Most of us ate some variation of pancake in our childhood and will forever associate them with softness, sweetness and really just one big soul hug! And so Macro Mixes knew we needed to create a sugar free spice to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways that matched your childhood memories.

    Enter Pancake Spice! Enjoy on pancakes (obviously), toast, apple slices, oat bowls, or on cereal, there is no limit to the ways that this can spice up your life.