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  • Faithful to Nature Dental Floss Biodegradable Vegan 30m


    Dental Floss Biodegradable Vegan

    Flossing is essential for healthy teeth and gums, but it’s not so healthy for the environment. Faithful to Nature’s Biodegradable Dental Floss is the perfect solution. It’s made from corn-based PLA, unlike ordinary floss which is made from nylon. A bathroom essential for the zero-waste household.

    • Eco-friendly dental floss
    • Made from corn-derived PLA
    • Coated with natural candelilla wax
    • Natural mint flavour for fresh breath
    • Biodegradable
    • Plastic-free, no nylon or other synthetic materials
    • No PFAS chemicals
    • Suitable for sensitive gums


    Do not use excessive force when pulling or flossing to avoid the string from fraying and breaking. Faithful to Nature dental floss is biodegradable, made from plant materials and therefore has less tensile compared to nylon products.



  • Kindbrush Floss In-A-Bottle


    Floss In-A-Bottle

    Flossing is a vital part of proper oral health care. Unfortunately, traditional dental floss is generally nylon-based, sold in plastic dispensers and not recyclable. Happiness is never needing to toss away another little plastic box ever again!

    Our Floss-in-a-Bottle is made from a corn-derived fiber and is completely biodegradable. The bottle can be refilled, creating less waste and adding more eco-value. Simply refill your glass bottle with our top of the range eco-friendly floss.


    Suggested use: Floss daily to clean in between teeth where toothbrush bristles cannot reach, keeping teeth and gums healthy.

  • The Eco Gang Dental Floss Mint 50m


    The Eco Gang dental floss is strong and shred-resistant, with a light coating of natural wax for improved performance.
    This product is naturally good for your teeth, gums and breath. Our sustainable packaging is as eco-friendly as it gets and can be thrown out with your paper recycling once the stainless steel cutter has been removed and recycled.


  • The Eco Gang Floss Picks Mint 50pcs


    Floss Picks Mint

    These floss picks ensure a proper clean and good conscience. The double threading ensures that food debris is effectively removed whilst the shape of the pick promotes easy access to those hard-to-reach places. With cornstarch as the base, packed in sustainable paper packaging, these will surely make the pick.

    Plant-based handle and extra-strong thread

    This product and packaging is Certified Vegan, Biodegradable and recyclable.