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  • So Pure Mite Free Laundry Liquid 1L


    Mite Free Laundry Liquid

    This rinse, softener and disinfectant from SoPure for linen, towels, clothes and pillows has a summer fresh fragrance that lasts. If your family suffers from allergies- especially those attributed to dust mites- SoPure Mitefree Anti-Bacterial Laundry Additive is your all in one, go to softener. This wonder product neutralizes dust mite excretion and disinfects as you wash. Mitefree neutralizes this allergen and disinfect fabrics, leaving them allergen free and smelling lovely.

    • Wonderful fresh, subtle summer fragrance
    • Can replace your regular fabric softener.
    • Safe for babies clothes too.
    • Disinfects fabrics with every use
    • Can be used in automatic or twin tub washing machines, or with hand washing.
    • Packaging is made with recycled and recyclable plastic.

    Suggested use:

    • Automatic- Use 1 capful per 5kg of washing in the last rinse cycle.
    • Twin Tub- Mix 1 capful per 5kg of washing with water and add to the final rinse cycle.
    • Hand Wash- Add 1/2 a capful into the final rinse water, agitate and add to your washing.