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  • Oxygen Products Water Life Electrolyte 84 Essential Minerals 100ml


    WaterLife Electrolyte Concentrate from the Oxygen Products range is an excellent nutrient-rich addition to your drinking water. Support your body from within with this electrolyte concentrate that’s packed with 84 essential minerals. This is truly “live” water as it’s enriched with plants, liquid oxygen, minerals and vitamins to energise and protect your whole body.

    • All-natural electrolyte concentrate
    • “Rocket fuel” for the cells
    • Contains 84 essential minerals
    • Contains oxygen
    • 100ml makes 100 Litres
    • Improves overall wellness & energy levels
    • Promotes cellular communication
    • Replenishes lost nutrients
    • Protects the kidneys & other organs
    • This product is non-GMO