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  • Escentia Kaolin Clay 500g


    Kaolin Clay

    This naturally light coloured Kaolin Clay is an inorganic mineral ingredient that can be widely used in a number of DIY cosmetic recipes. Kaolin Clay is famous for its oil absorbing properties that can help reduce shine and hide skin imperfections.


    Suggested use: Please conduct your own research

    • DIY soaps
    • Face and body masks
    • Useful on normal, dry and sensitive skin
    • Can be used to harden Bath bombs
    • Useful ingredient in homemade tooth powders
    • Can be used as a natural colourant in DIY cosmetics – varies from a white to off white


  • Motherkind Paris Glow Sachet 32 x 10g


    Enjoy Glow From Within collagen in conveniently packed single serving sachets. Take it with you on-the-go & on all your travels, pop it in your gym bag or hand bag so you never go without your daily dose of premium Glow From Within collagen.

    Motherkind Glow From Within is premium pure hydrolysate collagen peptides. Collagen makes up 70% of your dermis, therefore, providing your body with collagen may help maintain a healthy dermis in order to prevent thinning of hair and to rejuvenate hair loss. In addition it plays a role in strengthening skin, plus may benefit both elasticity and hydration. Glow From within Collagen supports integrity of our cartilage, supports in tightening, strengthening and toning the entire digestive system, and supports our sleep quality.

    – Motherkind’s beauty collagen
    – Pure type I + III collagen peptides
    – Flavourless and odourless.
    – Quick and easily dissolves in your favourite beverage.
    – Keto friendly.
    – Safe to use during pregnancy & breastfeeding

  • Skoon. Concentrate Glowdrops 15ml



    Skin Type: Normal & dry

    Glow Drops Concentrate is SKOON. Skincare’s bestselling product – and for good reason. Formulated with a base of jojoba oil and Phytosqualane for a soft, natural, luminous glow; infused with natural vitamin E and concentrated drops of gorgeous flower essences, Glow Drops add a soft luminosity to your skin. Squalene is lightweight and highly nourishing,free from oil and highly compatible with your skins own lipids, as it is also a component of our own natural oil. The flower infusions of Rose Geranium and Damask Rose oils not only add a delicate floral scent but balance and tone your skin too.

    Concentrated drops of Orange Blossom, Vitamin E and Phytosqualane for a soft, natural glow.

    • For a soft, natural, luminous glow.
    • Quickly absorbed – no greasy after-feel.
    • Scented with SKOON. signature Damask Rose essential oil blend.
    • 100% natural and preservative free.
    • Skin loving – and can be applied as lavishly as you want, directly onto skin!
    • Concentrates can add extra nourishment to your moisturiser.
    • Bespoke skincare in the palm of your hand
    • Part of the SKOON. ‘Make it Yours’ product range


    Suggested use / Directions:

    Add 1-2 drops to enrich your moisturiser, twice daily or as needed. Alternatively, apply directly on clean skin.


    SKOON. Skincare Tip

    Dull skin? Go ahead. For extra sun kissed glamour, add a drop or two to your foundation or bronzer, blending well before smoothing along cheekbones, nose and chin