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  • Truefood Golden Flax Meal 400g


    Golden Flax Meal

    Truefood flax meal is a gluten-free alternative to ordinary wheat flour that is suitable for Paleo diets. Made from flax seeds, that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids Flax meal can also provide a great fiber boost for meals.

    With high levels of Omega 3 (ALA), flax seed helps to prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve memory function, assist with mental illness, promote healthy skin and hair and reduce inflammation while protecting against diseases.

    Flax seed is one of the richest sources of Lignans, an anti-oxidant that is both anti-bacterial and anti-viral as it maintains hormone balance and cellular health. Flax may also be beneficial for menopausal women and assist with regulating menstruation.

    With ample levels of magnesium, flax seed helps to regulate calcium and potassium levels in the body as well as assist with heart health, increased energy, calming nerves and aiding in digestion. Magnesium can also prevent the onset of osteoporosis and heart attacks.