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  • Beautiful Earth Facial Cleanser 100ml


    Facial Cleanser

    In order to obtain and keep a youthful looking skin you have to start your skin care regimen with a superb cleanser – and here this facial cleanser covers all bases – for you to have a clean, clear and healthy looking complexion. Apart from the “cleansing” ingredients there are also a host of active ingredients to not only clean your skin, but also to help your skin cope with the daily onslaught of pollutants and environmental factors.

    Experience the refreshing and decongesting benefits of Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oil as they gently combine to render your face refreshingly clean. Antioxidants from Grapefruit and Evening Primrose Oils, combined with conditioning Kigelia and Aloe Vera, work to remove impurities, leaving skin balanced and deeply cleansed.

    • Free from synthetics/phthalates, the fragrance is derived from essential oils.
    • No parabens, sulphates, colouring mineral oils or glycols.
    • Suitable for vegans.
    • Cruelty-free.
    • Biodegradable and sewer system friendly.
  • Bytjie Salf Lip Balm Grapefruit 15ml


    Lip Balm Grapefruit

    Apply to soothe and repair dry and cracked lips. Grapefruit with healing propolis, lavender & tea tree.

  • SoyLites Entice Wax Melts Cinnamon Orange Grapefruit Ginger 6 units / 120ml


    Entice Wax Melts – Cinnamon Orange Grapefruit Ginger

    Made with pure soy wax, these delightful home-fragrance products will release up to 10 hours of aromatherapy fragrance per block. Perfect for home, office or as a gift.


    Suggested use: Simply drop into hollow of burner, place a TLight in burner and light. The block will begin to melt and release it’s aroma. Easy peasy

  • SoyLites Oil Blend Neroli & Grapefruit 10ml


    Oil Blend – Neroli & Grapefruit

    A lovely citrus blend with a well rounded impression. Soft and sharp.

    One of our trademark specialities are the boutique and unique blends of essential oils we concoct and add to our soy candles and other products, bringing you a smorgasbord of fragrances and aromas.

    All our blends are now available to purchase in their undiluted form in 10ml, slow-dropper amber bottles.

    These can be used by adding a few drops to a warm bath or to burners for aromatherapy use, or alternatively they can be used with humidifiers. You can also dilute the oils with a carrier oil of your choice for application onto your skin for use a perfume.

  • Willow Tincture Grapefruit Seed 50ml