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  • Truefood Haricot Beans 400g


    Haricot Beans

    Truefood’s Haricot Beans are Non-GMO, rich in minerals and protein and the ideal addition to  healthy vegan and vegetarian diets.

    Haricot beans are:

    • High in fiber that aids in digestion and maintains digestive health.
    • Rich in calcium and magnesium that are crucial for healthy bones.
    • High in folate that helps bodies make new cells and aids in a healthy pregnancy.
    • Rich in phosphorous that detoxes the body and maintains bone and dental health.
    • High in thiamin (B1) that converts food into fuel and maintains proper heart and nerve function.

    Suggested use:

    Once cooked, Haricot Beans are buttery in texture. They are often used to bulk up soups and casseroles or as homemade baked beans.


    Haricot beans