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  • Soaring Free Hemp Seeds Refill 1Kg (2 x 500g)


    Organic Hemp Seeds – Alkalising, Protein-rich shelled seeds

    This raw, organic hemp supplement acts as a muscle builder and energy booster packed with protein. As an ancient, highly revered food, hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and are considered to be a complete protein source.

    • Easily digestible complete protein
    • Builds and repairs tissue
    • Supports the immune system
    • Supports digestive & colon health

    Shelled hemp seeds have a great nutty flavour. Mix into your favorite smoothie or sprinkle it on soups, cereals or fresh fruit. Our favourite is sprinkled over salads. Hemp milk is a delicious dairy alternative. Blend 1 cup of hemp seeds with 1l of water adding vanilla and a natural sweetener for flavour. Take 4 tablespoons daily, or more just following exercise.

  • Soaring Free Organic Hemp Seeds 500g


    Organic Hemp Seeds 500g

    Soaring Free Organic Hemp Seeds contain essential amino acids, are high in fibre, and contain Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids in a near-perfect ratio for human nutritional needs.

    • Essential amino acids
    • High in fibre
    • Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids
    • Protein source
    • Vegan friendly

    Suggested use: Shelled hemp seeds have a great nutty flavour, and are extremely versatile. Hemp milk or hemp cream is a delicious dairy alternative to pour over fresh fruit, muesli, chia porridge or blend into smoothies. You can easily make a savoury hemp sauce to enjoy over steamed veggies, or use them to sprinkle over salads and soups. You can even make hemp cheese! Hemp seeds are an excellent superfood for pre & post intensive exercise. Recommended 50g+ daily.

    Further information:

    Ingredients: 100% organic shelled hemp seeds contains < 0.001% THC.