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  • Good Life Organic Turmeric Plus Powder 200g


    Organic Turmeric Plus Powder

    Certified organic, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Free of genetically modified organisms.
    Contains no fillers, additives or preservatives.
    Suitable for vegans.


    Turmeric is best known as a culinary spice used in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. But it is curcumin, its most active constituent, which is at the centre of research into this spice’s possible anti-inflamatory properties. Most tumeric has a curcumin content of 2-3,5%. On the other hand, the curcumin content of Good Life Organic Tumeric Plus is well over 5%!


    Suggested use: Add to your culinary creations. Make Golden Milk as follows: blend 2 cups of coconut milk, 1tsp tumeric powder, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1/4tsp ginger. Heat for 3-5 minutes but do not boil (serves 4). Adding black pepper makes the curcumin more bioavailable.


    Further information:

    Organic Turmeric root powder (Curcuma longa)