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  • The Harvest Table CollaPro Advanced Multi Collagen 150 Capsules


    CollaPro Advanced Multi Collagen Capsules

    A specially formulated highly functional collagen supplement that provides all the benefits of collagen powders in just 5 capsules a day, delivering maximum efficacy in a minimal dosage. This advanced formula optimizes bioavailability and absorption, ensuring efficient utilization by the body. Every 2.5g of “Highly Functional” Collagen is equivalent to 10g of collagen powder, making CollaPro™ the most convenient way to meet your daily collagen requirements.

    Enjoy the benefits of three different types of collagen, formulated in their ideal ratios, in a single convenient product. This guarantees optimum results in terms of improving skin, hair and nail condition, reducing joint aches and pains, improving bone density and the health of your gut lining.


    Suggested use: 5 capsules a day. Taken together or at separate times.

    (150 Capsules per bottle)


    Further information:

    Ingredients: Highly functional hydrolysed bovine collagen, Highly functional hydrolysed marine collagen, Highly functional hydrolysed chicken collagen.