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  • OCO Life Sacred Palo Santo – Holy Wood 3 Piece


    Sacred Palo Santo – Holy Wood

    Our Palo Santo is sourced from Peru, and we work with local communities that only collect the wood from naturally fallen trees that have been naturally cured and preserved. Palo Santo harvesting is strictly controlled by law in Peru.


    Suggested use:

    – Hold the tip of the Palo Santo stick over a candle, match or lighter till it catches light
    – Allow the stick to burn before blowing out the flame, creating a smoking coal
    – For space clearing, move about the space you would like to clear with the intention to remove stagnant energy
    – Or place your stick in a metal, glass or clay bowl and allow the smoke to go out on its own or blow gently to continue burning
    – To increase burning time, you can gently blow on the coal to create more smoke.
    – Unlike traditional incense sticks, your Palo Santo will burn out on it’s own.