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  • Vital Vibes Immune Restore Plasma Remedy


    Immune Restore Plasma Remedy

    A plasma remedy is an energetic and vibrational remedy that is akin to a homeopathic formula. The body will absorb what it requires at a given time and expel what it does not require.

    The remedy was formulated to give a ultimate holistic support on a physical, mental, emotional and also a spiritual level.

    Suggested use:

    Prevention: 5 sprays under the tongue, once a day.

    Infection: 5 sprays under the tongue, 6 times a day.

    Children: 3 sprays

    Additional information:

    • Safety for pregnant women has not been established.
    • Slight detoxification effects could be felt. If you feel any of these, please lower your dose for a few days and then increase it again.
    • Safe for children to use at half the dose of adult doses.
    • Please keep away from computers and cell phones.