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  • Sally Ann Creed Psyllium Husks – 150g


    Psyllium Husks

    This all-natural fibre supplement from Sally Ann Creed is just what you need for a happy colon and a healthy heart. Psyllium husk is a plant-derived fibre that acts as a safe, all-natural laxative, keeping you regular without the side effects of pharmaceutical laxatives. Taking psyllium regularly also helps to keep your cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check, protecting you from the risk of heart disease. Sally Ann Creed’s psyllium husks are pure and natural, and easy to use, giving you a healthy drug-free solution to digestive troubles.

    • Naturally gluten-free
    • No artificial additives or preservatives
    • Source of fibre; promotes digestive health
    • Relieves constipation; bulks up waste for easier elimination
    • Won’t cause dependency like ordinary pharmaceutical laxatives
    • Helps to ease inflammatory conditions like colitis & IBS
    • The soluble fibre in psyllium helps to lower LDL cholesterol
    • Assists with maintaining a healthy glycaemic balance (controlling blood sugar)
    • By promoting healthy digestion, psyllium may also assist with weight loss

    Suggested use: Adults: Mix 1-2tsp with at least 1 glass of liquid. Take once or twice daily, on an empty stomach.