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  • Similasan Eye Drops – Allergy Relief 10ml


    Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Eye Drops 10ml is made with all-natural homoeopathic ingredients to help temporarily relieve eye itching, burning and watering associated with allergies. Sting-free formulation.


    Suggested use: For external use only. Adults and children over 2 years: One (1) to two (2) drops in the eye(s) as needed throughout the day or night. Squeeze the plastic dropper and administer the drops into the eyes. Avoid contact between tip of the dropper and the eyeball.


    Further information:

    Composition: Each ml contains: Apis mellifica D6 – 0.303 ml. Euphrasia 3c D6 – 0.303 ml. Sabadilla D6 – 0.303 ml. Preservative: Silver sulfate – 0.000039% m/v. Indication:

    For the temporary symptomatic relief of eyes that are itching, burning, watering and discharging mucous due to hypersensitivity, redness, sties and swollen conjunctiva.