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  • Soaring Free The Magic Of Superfoods With Recipes For Radiant Health


    The Magic of Superfoods – Book

    Humans have known about superfoods for centuries – Nature’s ultimate nutritional and medicinal produce. Nutrient-dense plants, herbs and fruits that promote wellbeing and contribute to radiant overall health and positive emotional and spiritual energy. Happily, superfoods are enjoying a renaissance as more and more people are becoming conscious of the need to eat more raw, organic and healthful foods. Foods that have been sustainably harvested in the wild, or grown with respect for the planet.

    In this insightful and inspiring book, superfood advocates and founders of Soaring Free Superfoods, Peter and Beryn Daniel, are your guides to a wonderful world of nutritional power and flavour. Learn how to incorporate superfoods into your diet, and benefit from their incredible ability to restore and maintain human health.

    With family-friendly recipes and the latest research on nutrition, The Magic of Superfoods contains the answers you’ve been hungry for.