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  • NeoGenesis Health Sea Moss Gummies 175g


    NeoGenesis Health Raw Sea Moss Gummies are made with Golden Sea Moss (Eucheuma Spinosum). The jar includes 5 different flavour gummies – Mint, Citrus, Carrot, Passionfruit and Melon, which are lightly sweetened with Coconut Blossom sugar.

    Sea Moss is known as “the collagen of the sea” and is well known for its rich mineral content, including Iodine, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Sulphur, Iron, Silica, Selenium, Phosphorus, Manganese as well as vitamin Bs. Its versatile health benefits start with improving gut health, boosting immunity, assisting weight loss program etc. Consuming regularly sea moss is also believed to regulate thyroid function, keep heart healthy and improve skin and hair overall appearance.


    Health benefits of Raw Sea Moss:

    • Natural superfood
    • Contains 92 trace minerals and nutrients
    • Known as ‘the collagen of the sea”
    • Improving thyroid function
    • Boosting immune system
    • Improving gut health
    • Assisting with weight loss
    • Beneficial for overall hearth health
    • Beneficial for overall skin health


    Suggested use: Adults: Take 2 gummies 30 minutes before meal, once or twice daily.


    Further information:


    Sea Moss Gel (Eucheuma Spinosum)                 51g
    Raw Sea Moss (Eucheuma Spinosum)  11.9g
    Water (aqua)                                          30.9g
    Sea Salt                                                  0.36g
    Potassium Sortate                                  0.15g
    Coconut Blossom Sugar                                       3g
    Natural fruit and herb flavouring                           6g
    (including Passionfruit, Mint, Citrus, Carrot & Melon extracts)

    • No additives
    • Non-irradiated